Monochrome with a twist (Monochrome NailArt)

This Design is monochrome with a pop of red . This nail art design has been inspired by Polishedbyamy ( )

What you need :

  • Black nail paint
  • Red nail paint
  • White nail paint
  • Golden nail paint
  • Toothpick / Dotting toolPhotoGrid_1452772606556
  • Scotch tape / Striping tape / Striping tool
  • Base/Top coat ( optional)

What I have used:

  • Blackout By Maybelline
  • Red By Maybelline
  • Porcelain Party By Maybelline
  • Bold Gold By Maybelline
  • Toothpick
  • Striping Tape
  • Very Me Base and Top coat By Oriflame

How to do It:

  1. Start with a base coat to protect your nails ( Optional)
  2. Color all the nails black except the ring finger nail , color that nail red .
  3. Use a striping tape or Striping tool to draw white lines on the middle finger nail. If using striping tape , place them vertically leaving equal space in between . Paint using the white nailpaint , remove the tapes to get white lines . ( TIP : remove the tapes quickly after applying the white paint to get a neat look. )
  4. Use the dotting tool or the blunt side of the toothpick to make golden dots on rest of the nails as shown in the picture .
  5. Seal the design with a Top coat to get a glossy finish . (optional)PhotoGrid_1452772644731

Monochrome Nails

This is a very chick and extremely simple to do nail art . Although any colors can be used to do this , but white and black give the best results. It looks time consuming , but it would take not more than 15 minutes to do it .

What you need

  • black nail paintPhotoGrid_1444152635753
  • white nail paint
  • clear nail paint
  • top and base coat ( optional)

What I have used

  • Blackout by Maybelline ( colorshow)
  • Porcelain party by Maybelline ( colorshow)
  • Crystal Craze by Maybelline (colorshow)
  • Very me top and base coat by oriflame


Max time : 15 mins

How to do this:

  1. Start by applying base coat to protect your nails ( optional)
  2. Apply a generous quantity of clear polish but don’t let it dry . Take the back polish and make random big dots with the nail paint brush , you don’t have to make small precise dots with a nail art brush , but big dots with the nailpaint brush  . You will see the black dots expanding in the clear polish .
  3. Immediately take the white polish and make white dots inside the black dots and in the spaces between black dots . These dots too will spread and expand.
  4. Seal the design with a top coat ( optional). In case you decide not to use a fast drying top coat , then you would have to wait for a minute or two to let the  paints  dry since a lot of layers of paint are there .

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

In case you try it mail me the pictures <3<3PhotoGrid_1444152888296 PhotoGrid_1444152509725