Minty Nails – Pastel Green/Mint Nail Art

Mint green/ Pastel green is one of  my favorite color and pairing it with silver gives pretty and girly nails  , all ready for the summerIMG_1750

What you need:

  • Mint/Pastel Green Nail paint
  • Silver nail paint
  • Striping Tape/ Scotch Tape
  • Base/Top coat(Optional)

What I have used:

( Review of Nail paints in my last post)

How to do it :

  1. Paint the nails with the pastel green color. If the paint is not very Opaque , like mine wasn’t , First use white nail paints and then top it with the green paint . It would make the color pop.PhotoGrid_1458407667253
  2. Put striping tapes as shown in the picture.
  3. Paint to the last tape with the silver color and then remove the tapes asap ( If the tapes sit with the paint for too long the lines would come uneven )
  4. Top it with a Top coat to give it a glossy finish (optional)q

Peek-a-boo nail art (Black Easy NailArt)

This cute nail art has bright colors ‘peek-a-booing’ing . It is a trendy design and I know it doesn’t go very well with the traditional hena/ mehandi on my hands , but if done on otherwise would look good . PhotoGrid_1453533500852

Most of the Nail art designs are difficult to do on the right hand as working with the left hand is difficult. This design is easy enough to be done on the Right Hand as well.

What you need :

  • 5 Bright color Nail paints
  • Black Nail paint
  • Striping tape / nail art brush / Scotch tape/ paint brush
  • Base / top Coat ( optional)

How To do it :

  1. There are two ways to do it –
    1. Method 1
      1. Paint all your nails with different colors.PhotoGrid_1453534867210
      2. Put striping tape ( or make striping tape with scotch tape ) on your nails in different directions  and paint the nail black ,  quickly remove the tapes to get neat lines.
    2.  Method 2
      1. Paint all your Nails Black .
      2. Using a Nail art brush make lines of different colors on all nails .
  2. Seal it with a Top coat to get a glossy Finish ( optional) . PhotoGrid_1453533567977PhotoGrid_1453533627196

Pretty Flowers

What you need

  • 4 bright nail paints
  • Toothpick / dotting tool
  • Top coat / Base coat ( optional)IMG_20150918_010940_HDR

What i have used

  • Mint mojito by maybelline (color show)
  • Porcelain party by maybelline (color show)
  • Shocking seas by maybelline (color show)
  • Flaming orange  by lakme (absolute fast and fabulous)
  • Toothpicks

How to do it

  1. Start by applying a base coat ( optional) to protect you nails.
  2. Use each of the four shades on each finger nail and use any color of your choice on the thumb .bc44651a6366f3c9af49134ce3716fff36e9f4ee
  3. Now take the toothpick or the dotting tool to make dots.( imp tip : If using toothpicks , rub the tip of the toothpick on a rough surface to make its point a little blunt so as to be able to make dots)
  4. To make the flower, make a dot , then take another color to draw dots around it . You can do this on all the nails or only on the ring finger nail leaving all other empty or on three nails leaving two blank like i have done .
  5. Finish with top coat for glossy finish (optional)cc6f3710cc6362da0b25d37785a52e70a7107dccec8a85aa2d278fb73c20937f31e60801847beb2017a6387327e816584a13f2b433c3295835df9c67