NewU Nail Paints Haul

I recently did shopping from a new website by the name NewU . My last post was about my experience with the website.  I bought 4 nail Paints from their brand NewU(it’s by dabur ).

Following are the Nail Paints I bought – CaptureCapture2IMG_20160303_184415Capture2


Rose Quarts on Purple Nail paint

NewU Nail Enamel Glitteratti Outer Space-143 5ML Review

It is a black glitter nail paint .The glitters are green.Its not very opaque in the first coat ,takes 3 coats to get the perfect color .It can  be used on a black nail paint to get a noce color in one coat . It can also be used as a glitter top coat on any color. Another way to use is to put it on a sponge to just get the glitter.

outer space75

Glitterati Outer Space -143 as on the website


The picture on the website is very different than the actual product , I did not particularly like this polish , and wish it was what its shown on the site .


MRP: ₹ 75

Discounted price : ₹ 37

NewU Nail Enamel Everyday, Ocean 128, 5ml Review

This is a very pretty mint green / Pastel green color . It again is not very opaque in the first coat , but if used on a white base the color pops out really good .

The picture on the website and the name both suggest it to be a pastel blue color , but its green .ocean 55ocean2

Enter a cap

MRP:₹ 55

Discounted price :₹ 27

NewU Nail Enamel Glitterati,  Icy Cool 79, 5ml Reviewsilvericy cool 75

This is a very gorgeous silver color with silver particles in it .Though its not textured . One coat of this polish is sufficient , with two coats it appears even better .

MRP : ₹75

Discounted price:₹ 37

NewU Nail Enamel Glitterati, Rose Quartz 108, 5ml reviewrose2rose quarts 75

This is a very gorgeous top coat with pink hexes and glitter . It would look good on a variety of colors like purple , pink , black , white and many more.  There are plenty of hexes in  it and plenty of them come in one swipe.

MRP:₹ 75

Discounted price :  ₹ 37

Lakme Nail Enamel Remover 27ML 

This is my favorite remover . It easily removes glitter nail polish and doesn’t dry the nails. remover


Discounted price:₹55


One thing that bothers me the most is that all  these paints have a terrible smell . It is very strong and opening the bottle fills the entire room with this horrible strong smell.

Advertisements – Online Shopping Experience & Review

NewU is a new website by dabur . It sells beauty products for both men and women . Since it is a new website they are giving very good discounts on almost all products .
I ordered 4 nail Paints , a nail paint remover and a conditioner on 20th February 2016. And got it delivered on 3rd March 2016.

  • Delivery Time :The delivery time was 11 days . Delivery charges are 30 rupees for orders blow 499 rupees.
  • Ordered products Out of Stock: I mailed the customer care executive around 30th to inquire about my order because even after 10 days the status of the order was processing.  I was told that two nail Paints from my order were out of stock . That was a bit of a surprise because when I checked their site on 30th it still showed that they were in stock .The customer care executive asked me to  replace the two items by other items . However , when I got the delivery , the nail Paints were the same which I had ordered the first time , which i was told were out of stock!
  • Slow website: Their website is extremely slow , it takes ages to load a page .
  • COD: I checked product for their availability on cash on delivery , and all products were eligible for COD ( for my pin code) However when I placed the order there was no option of cash on delivery , on inquiring about it the Customer care executive could not give me any solution to this .
  • Packaging:The packaging of products was good , there was plenty of bubble wrap ( yay!) to protect the various  glass bottles .
  • Customer Care Executive: There is only one customer care executive and he is very helpful and polite. He answers the phone and the emails .
  • Misleading Pictures :One product  ( a black nail paint ) is very different from the image on the website and I don’t like it much .
  • Discounts:Overall the website is good , offering plenty of discounts on all products and the products are all new and in good condition .
    4 nail Paints ( Brand: NewU)
    MRP of one of them is 55 rupees , got it for 27 rupees
    MPR of other three are for  75 rupees, got them for 37 rupees each
    Nail paint remover -MRP 75 rupees , got it for 55 rupees ( Brand : lakme)
    Conditioner – MRP 75 rupees , got it for  69 rupees ( Brand : loreal)
    The swatches of these nail Paints are in my next post , check it out for the full review



Negative Space Nail art

What you need:

  • Nude/Brown NailpaintPhotoGrid_1454262063322
  • Black Nailpaint
  • Scotch Tape + Striping Tape /French Tip Nail Guide
  • Base / Top Coat

What I have used :

  • Cappuccino By Oriflame
  • Blackout By Maybelline
  • Very me Base and Top coat By Maybelline
  • Scotch Tape + Striping TapePhotoGrid_1454261787571

How to do it:

  1. Start with a Base coat to protect your nails.
  2. To make the Brown french tip you can either use the French Tip Nail Guide or scotch tape . If you are using the scotch tape then place it as shown in the picture and use the brown/nude nailpint to make the tip .
    1. NOTE : [If you are using scotch tape ]Cut a piece of Scotch tape , now one side of the tape piece would have the tape cutter marks on it , these zig-zag marks appear to be small but they would make the nail art look unclean . So cut that side of the tape with a scissors to get a straight line.PhotoGrid_1454314874443.jpg
  3. Next to make  the Black Triangle , you can either use the striping tape or use the scotch tape to make striping tape . Place them as shown in the picture leaving negative space and paint to make the triangle . Make sure that the black remains inside the tapes . ( TIP : remove the tapes quickly after applying the black nailpaint to get neater lines. )
  4. Finish with a top coat to get a glossy finish.

Pink Leopard

Hello fellow nail art lovers !

Animal Prints can never go out of style , and this nail art tutorial is just about that . To keep things fresh i have added a pop of color to the gorgeous leopard print making it look super girly , but you can use any colors of your choice of course . Hope you like it 🙂

What you need:

  • Two contrast color nail paints
  • Black nail paint
  • Toothpick / striping Brush
  • Base/Top coat ( optional)

What I have used:

  • Porcelain Party By Maybelline ( colorshow)
  • Blackout By Maybelline ( colorshow)
  • Color Code 12 By Easy maxx
  • Very me Base and Top coat By Oriflame
  • Toothpicks

How to do it

  1. Start by applying a base coat to protect your nails ( optional)
  2. Paint the ring finger nail with white nail paint .
  3. Using the non-pointed side of the toothpick make random dots of any size of pink color.
  4. Take the black nail paint on the pointed side of the toothpick and make brackets around the dots . The brackets should not be perfect in shape , they should be a little out of shape so that it looks like the leopard print . PhotoGrid_1451232603966
  5. Make random dots / spots / marks of black color in between the dots .
  6. You can do this on all the nails or only one , like i have done.
  7. Seal the design with a Top coat for a  glossy finish (optional).


    Try NOT to make perfect brackets like the one on the left.

Gold Bobblicure

What you need:

  • Black Nail paintScreenshot_2015-12-09-00-26-25
  • Metallic Golden nail paint
  • Clear nail paint
  • Base coat/ Top coat ( optional )

What I have used:

  • Blackout By Maybelline ( colorshow)
  • Bold Gold By Maybelline ( colorshow)
  • Crystal Clear By Maybelline ( colorshow)
  • Very me Top and Base coat By Oriflame

This look is fancy , yet it isn’t glittery or flashy . It is perfect for weddings or festive season because the colors are such that they would look good with almost all things . The best thing about Bobblicures is that they look as if its very difficult to make them , and that you need to have special nail art skills  , but the reality is that its extremely easy to make. So lets get started 😀

How to do it :

  1. Start by applying the base coat to protect you nails (optional ).
  2. Paint the thumb , little finger and the middle finger nails black .Screenshot_2015-12-09-00-26-18
  3. For making the Bobblicure apply the clear nail paint on the index finger nail , but do not let it dry . Immediately take the gold nail paint and make dots with the nail paint brush . Try to make three vertical lines with the dots , making the dots in the middle line bigger than those in the other two . You would notice the dots expanding in the clear nail paint and taking different shapes .
  4. Do this on all the other fingers , apply clear nail paint on the black paint after it has dried , then make the dots .
  5. Seal the design with a fast drying top coat . In case you are not using a fast drying top coat , then try to not touch you nails for atleast 30 minutes . It would appear that paint has dried but the moment it touches anything hard there would be an impression on the nails.

Hope you like it 🙂