NewU Nail Paints Haul

I recently did shopping from a new website by the name NewU . My last post was about my experience with the website.  I bought 4 nail Paints from their brand NewU(it’s by dabur ).

Following are the Nail Paints I bought – CaptureCapture2IMG_20160303_184415Capture2


Rose Quarts on Purple Nail paint

NewU Nail Enamel Glitteratti Outer Space-143 5ML Review

It is a black glitter nail paint .The glitters are green.Its not very opaque in the first coat ,takes 3 coats to get the perfect color .It can  be used on a black nail paint to get a noce color in one coat . It can also be used as a glitter top coat on any color. Another way to use is to put it on a sponge to just get the glitter.

outer space75

Glitterati Outer Space -143 as on the website


The picture on the website is very different than the actual product , I did not particularly like this polish , and wish it was what its shown on the site .


MRP: ₹ 75

Discounted price : ₹ 37

NewU Nail Enamel Everyday, Ocean 128, 5ml Review

This is a very pretty mint green / Pastel green color . It again is not very opaque in the first coat , but if used on a white base the color pops out really good .

The picture on the website and the name both suggest it to be a pastel blue color , but its green .ocean 55ocean2

Enter a cap

MRP:₹ 55

Discounted price :₹ 27

NewU Nail Enamel Glitterati,  Icy Cool 79, 5ml Reviewsilvericy cool 75

This is a very gorgeous silver color with silver particles in it .Though its not textured . One coat of this polish is sufficient , with two coats it appears even better .

MRP : ₹75

Discounted price:₹ 37

NewU Nail Enamel Glitterati, Rose Quartz 108, 5ml reviewrose2rose quarts 75

This is a very gorgeous top coat with pink hexes and glitter . It would look good on a variety of colors like purple , pink , black , white and many more.  There are plenty of hexes in  it and plenty of them come in one swipe.

MRP:₹ 75

Discounted price :  ₹ 37

Lakme Nail Enamel Remover 27ML 

This is my favorite remover . It easily removes glitter nail polish and doesn’t dry the nails. remover


Discounted price:₹55


One thing that bothers me the most is that all  these paints have a terrible smell . It is very strong and opening the bottle fills the entire room with this horrible strong smell.


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