Negative Space Nail art

What you need:

  • Nude/Brown NailpaintPhotoGrid_1454262063322
  • Black Nailpaint
  • Scotch Tape + Striping Tape /French Tip Nail Guide
  • Base / Top Coat

What I have used :

  • Cappuccino By Oriflame
  • Blackout By Maybelline
  • Very me Base and Top coat By Maybelline
  • Scotch Tape + Striping TapePhotoGrid_1454261787571

How to do it:

  1. Start with a Base coat to protect your nails.
  2. To make the Brown french tip you can either use the French Tip Nail Guide or scotch tape . If you are using the scotch tape then place it as shown in the picture and use the brown/nude nailpint to make the tip .
    1. NOTE : [If you are using scotch tape ]Cut a piece of Scotch tape , now one side of the tape piece would have the tape cutter marks on it , these zig-zag marks appear to be small but they would make the nail art look unclean . So cut that side of the tape with a scissors to get a straight line.PhotoGrid_1454314874443.jpg
  3. Next to make  the Black Triangle , you can either use the striping tape or use the scotch tape to make striping tape . Place them as shown in the picture leaving negative space and paint to make the triangle . Make sure that the black remains inside the tapes . ( TIP : remove the tapes quickly after applying the black nailpaint to get neater lines. )
  4. Finish with a top coat to get a glossy finish.

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