Official Nail Art

Colorful nails look very pretty but sometimes they are not appropriate . For formal events like when going for an interview , there is need of a neat nails that are not attention grabbing . This nail art is for such occasions.
Most of the Nail art designs are difficult to do on the right hand as working with the left hand is difficult. This design is easy enough to be done on the Right Hand as well.
What you need :

  • Clear nail paint / Base coat
  • Light pink / White nail paint
  • Glitter top coat
  • Clear Top coat ( Optional)
  • French Manicure Guides ( Optional)
  • Paint brush / striping tool /Toothpick

What I have used :PhotoGrid_1452584533036

  • Very me Base and Top coat By Oriflame
  • Light pink By Wet and wild
  • Pink glitter top coat By wet and wild
  • Toothpick

How to do it :

  1. Start with a base coat to protect your nails (optional) . If not using base coat use clear nail paint on all the nails.
  2. Paint the tips of nails with either a light pink shade or white/ cream shade . This can be done with the help of french manicure guides or by freehand .
  3. Now using a Paint brush / striping tool /Toothpick line the boundary of the pink/white french tip with glitter top coat . It should be a thin line .
  4. Add top coat to give a glossy Finish .PhotoGrid_1452584497569

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