All about Pink

Pink is one of the prettiest color and is generally in every girls wardrobe . This nail art is all about the gorgeous pink !

Most of the Nail art designs are difficult to do on the right hand as working with the left hand is difficult. This design is easy enough to be done on the Right Hand as well.

What you need :

  • Dark pink nail  paint
  • Light pink nail paint
  • Silver/Pink Glitter nail paint
  • Clear nail paint
  • Craft scissors + scotch tape / Chevron tapes
  • Base/Top coat ( optional)  PhotoGrid_1451233048615

What I have used :

  • Pink crush By oriflame
  • Light pink shade By Wet and Wild ( part of french manicure set)
  • Pink champagne By maybelline ( Gliter mania)
  • Crystal Clear  By maybelline ( color show)
  • Craft scissors + Scotch Tape
  • Very me base and top coat By oriflamePhotoGrid_1451395308869.jpg

How to do it :

  1. Start with the base coat to protect your nails ( optional)
  2. To make your Chevron tapes cut the scotch tape with the craft scissor . Make few of them before starting the nail art. Try to make them of equal width.                                                                                                         ( TIP: Stick the tapes on the back of your hand a few times to reduce their stickiness )
  3. There are 3 patterns in this design
    1. Paint the nail dark pink and allow it to dry . Make the design in the picture with the help of two chevron tapes.
    2. Paint the nail with light pink nail paint and again using the chevron tapes make the design.
    3. For the third pattern paint the base with clear polish and use the chevron tapes and glitter nail paint to get the design.
  4. Seal the design with a top coat for a glossy finish. (  optional)



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