Gold Bobblicure

What you need:

  • Black Nail paintScreenshot_2015-12-09-00-26-25
  • Metallic Golden nail paint
  • Clear nail paint
  • Base coat/ Top coat ( optional )

What I have used:

  • Blackout By Maybelline ( colorshow)
  • Bold Gold By Maybelline ( colorshow)
  • Crystal Clear By Maybelline ( colorshow)
  • Very me Top and Base coat By Oriflame

This look is fancy , yet it isn’t glittery or flashy . It is perfect for weddings or festive season because the colors are such that they would look good with almost all things . The best thing about Bobblicures is that they look as if its very difficult to make them , and that you need to have special nail art skills  , but the reality is that its extremely easy to make. So lets get started 😀

How to do it :

  1. Start by applying the base coat to protect you nails (optional ).
  2. Paint the thumb , little finger and the middle finger nails black .Screenshot_2015-12-09-00-26-18
  3. For making the Bobblicure apply the clear nail paint on the index finger nail , but do not let it dry . Immediately take the gold nail paint and make dots with the nail paint brush . Try to make three vertical lines with the dots , making the dots in the middle line bigger than those in the other two . You would notice the dots expanding in the clear nail paint and taking different shapes .
  4. Do this on all the other fingers , apply clear nail paint on the black paint after it has dried , then make the dots .
  5. Seal the design with a fast drying top coat . In case you are not using a fast drying top coat , then try to not touch you nails for atleast 30 minutes . It would appear that paint has dried but the moment it touches anything hard there would be an impression on the nails.

Hope you like it 🙂




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