Coral Gradient

What you need

  • peach ( coral) , orange and red nail paintsIMG_20150924_230733
  • Black nail paint
  • striping tape or scotch tape
  • base coat and top coat ( optional)

What I have used

  • coral craze by maybelline ( color show)
  • blackout by maybelline ( color show)
  • downtown red by maybelline ( color show)
  • flaming orange by lakme ( absolute fast and fabulous )
  • striping tape

How to do it

  1. Start with applying a base coat ( optional) to protect your nailsCheck out the photo I created
  2. Color the index finger nail with the coral , orange and red shade . Start by making a vertical line with the coral shade ,  then orange and then red . This can be done by free hand or for a neat look use scotch tape . For this cover 2/3 of the  nail from the right side with scotch tape leaving 1/3 portion on the left of the nail and paint the nail with coral nail paint , then cover 1/3 of the nail from the right with scotch tape and paint
    with the orange nail paint , and finally paint the remaining 1/3 portion with red . This would give the nail a gradient look.
  3. Now to get  black pattern , either striping tape or scotch tape can be used . scotch tape would have to be cut into stripes . Set the tapes as shown in the pictures . Color with black paint .IMG_20150921_184356_HDR Remove all the tapes immediately ( tip: Do not let the paint dry on the tapes , remove them quickly for a neat look )IMG_20150921_184729_HDR
  4. Color the nails of the  little finger , middle finger and thumb with orange nail paint . Set the tapes as shown in the picture . This would divide the nail into  portions . Color the bottom most portion red ,  the portion above it black , leave one  portion  , finally color the portion above it black . Remove all the tapes .IMG_20150922_120938_HDRIMG_20150922_212033_HDR
  5. 5.Color the ring finger nail with black nail paint
  6. Finish with a top coat to get glossy finish.IMG_20150922_213243_HDR IMG_20150922_213345_HDRIMG_20150923_161430_HDRCapture

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