Pretty Flowers

What you need

  • 4 bright nail paints
  • Toothpick / dotting tool
  • Top coat / Base coat ( optional)IMG_20150918_010940_HDR

What i have used

  • Mint mojito by maybelline (color show)
  • Porcelain party by maybelline (color show)
  • Shocking seas by maybelline (color show)
  • Flaming orange  by lakme (absolute fast and fabulous)
  • Toothpicks

How to do it

  1. Start by applying a base coat ( optional) to protect you nails.
  2. Use each of the four shades on each finger nail and use any color of your choice on the thumb .bc44651a6366f3c9af49134ce3716fff36e9f4ee
  3. Now take the toothpick or the dotting tool to make dots.( imp tip : If using toothpicks , rub the tip of the toothpick on a rough surface to make its point a little blunt so as to be able to make dots)
  4. To make the flower, make a dot , then take another color to draw dots around it . You can do this on all the nails or only on the ring finger nail leaving all other empty or on three nails leaving two blank like i have done .
  5. Finish with top coat for glossy finish (optional)cc6f3710cc6362da0b25d37785a52e70a7107dccec8a85aa2d278fb73c20937f31e60801847beb2017a6387327e816584a13f2b433c3295835df9c67



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