Minimalist design

What you need

  • Base coat and Top coat (optional)
  • 2 contrast color nail paints
  • metallic color nail paint
  • something pointed ( nail filer tip , toothpick , dotting tool)
  • scotch tape (optional)IMG_20150909_134323_HDR

What I have used

  • Very Me Nail Paint Base and Top coat
  • Tenacious Teal By maybelline
  • Blackout By maybelline
  • Equate Nail enamel code:01

Usually most nail art designs are difficult to do and to do them with the left hand is next to impossible. This simple nail art can be done even on the right hand nails . Hope you like it 🙂

How to do it

1.Start with applying a layer of the base coat . This step is optional . Base coat protects the nail and prevents nail staining.

2.Next apply the lighter of the two nail paints on all the nails and let it dry .  I have applied the be69abe6ca80ac7507355cb7bc5b07821b407f04e5autiful maybelline green shade . let it dry completely for about 15 minutes .

3.Now take the darker shade and paint the upper half of the nail with it . I have used black for it . If you cannot do it correctly by free hand then cut a piece of scotch tape ( not cello tape) stick it on your hand a few times to remove some amount of glue from the tape and cover the Lower Half of all the Nails with Tape . Then paint the upper half with a dark shade 2dd19edd14bd1a515de9d460d525cd49d04da2edand immediately remove the tape . with the help of a toothpick , or with the tip of a nail filer , or with a dotting tool if you have one , make a dot with the darker shade. wait for it to dry . Then on top if it make a slightly smaller dot with the metallic color ( i have used silver) to complete the look .

5.Finish with a top coat to get a glossy finish ( optional) .

And you are done!

Hope you enjoyed this simple to do nail art design .


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